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Recreation Committee Policies & Procedures

Recreation Committee Policies & Procedures
UPDATED 12/13/18

Article I
The Recreation Committee shall function according to the Bylaws and the Home Rule Charter of the Town of Walpole.
Article II – Purposes
Per §182-2 of the Town of Walpole General Bylaws, the Recreation Committee shall have full responsibility for and full charge of all recreation activities sponsored by the Town of Walpole, excluding only those under the jurisdiction of the School Department. The committee shall have superintendence over all recreational plans to be sponsored, both short term and long range and they shall submit annually to the Town, a budget for the ensuing year, and shall make a report of their activities in the Annual Town Report.

Article III - Department Mission Statement
The mission of the Walpole Recreation Department is to provide first-rate programs to meet the recreational, educational, and cultural needs of the Walpole Community.

Article IV – Committee Objectives
The Recreation Committee is responsible to the Walpole public for whose benefit the Recreation Department has been established. The Recreation Committee’s primary responsibilities are to Brendan Croakprovide first-rate programs and activities for Walpole residents of all ages and interest levels, build community spirit and engage residents, businesses, organizations, and the community at town events, to offer first-rate swimming opportunities, and to permit fields to enable the maximum usage while taking the field needs into consideration.
The committee must fulfill these responsibilities by functioning primarily as a legislative body to formulate and adopt budget and policy, work with the Recreation Director to implement policy, and evaluate the results. It must carry out its functions openly, while seeking the comments of the public, registrants, and staff in its decision-making process.
Article V - Regular Membership
  1. The committee shall consist of five (5) regular members appointed by the Board of Selectmen for three-year overlapping terms, so arranged that the terms of not more than two members shall expire each year. The Recreation Committee may make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen as to prospective members; however the Selectmen will consider all applicants before them. Each member must demonstrate an interest in the welfare of all Walpole families and a desire to participate in promoting the purposes and objectives of the committee.
  2. Regular members absent from three (3) consecutive committee meetings may be subject to removal. Upon three (3) absent meetings, the chairperson will notify that member that their name will be added to the next Recreation Committee agenda for discussion and possible recommendation for removal by the Board of Selectmen. At that meeting, that member will be able to make their case for continued participation on the committee or elect to resign from the committee. The committee will then consider whether to submit that member’s name to the Board of Selectmen for removal.
  3. Within fifteen (15) days of the vacancy of any member(s) of the Recreation Committee, the committee chairman or Recreation Director shall notify the Town Clerk, and the Board of Selectmen Executive Assistant who shall cause notice of the vacancy and corresponding request for applicants to be made public. Interested applicants shall apply to the Board of Selectmen.
Article VI – Associate Members
  1. Up to five (5) associate members may be recommended by the Recreation Committee for appointment by the Board of Selectmen to serve for a term of one (1) year each. Associate members shall provide expertise in particular committee functions as well as serve on appointed subcommittees as, needed.
  2. Associate members shall not be voting members of the Recreation Committee, except when a quorum of Regular Members is not present, at which point the chairman shall assign voting power to associate members according to longevity to constitute a quorum. In the event that an Associate Member is assigned Voting Power to constitute a quorum, a minimum of two Regular Members must be present.
Article VII – Meetings and Voting
  1. The Recreation Committee monthly meetings shall occur on the second Wednesday of every month at Blackburn Hall, at a time as determined by the Recreation Committee chairman with sufficient advanced notice to the remaining members. A notice shall be posted at the Town Hall and on the Town website consistent with the rules of the Town.
  2. The presence of three (3) voting members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business of the committee.
Article VIII – Officers and Duties
The Recreation Committee shall elect a chairperson, and a vice chairperson from its Regular members at the April meeting immediately following the appointment of a new committee. Upon vacancy of any office, a successor shall be elected by the Regular Members of the committee at the next regularly-scheduled monthly meeting.
The officers of the committee shall be elected for a term of one (1) year. No officer may be elected to serve in the same position for more than two (2) consecutive terms.
The responsibilities of the officers shall be:
  1. Chairperson
    1. Shall preside at all regular and special committee meetings.
    2. Shall in the absence of a quorum of regular members, assign voting power to associate members (according to longevity) to constitute a quorum.
    3. Shall present an annual report of the affairs and activities to the Town.
    4. Shall perform other duties incumbent upon the office or assigned to the office by committee members or the Board of Selectmen.
  2. Vice Chairperson
    1. The vice chairperson shall, in the absence of a chairperson, act as presiding officer of the committee have the authority to exercise all the powers of the chairperson, and shall perform all of the duties of that office where required.