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- Our Town Pools will only be opened to Walpole Residents for the 2020 Season -

*While there is no fee for Adult Swim or Senior Swim - pre-registration of a reserved time block is still required. To attend Adult Swim or Senior Swim, please call the Council on Aging at 508-668-3330 to reserve your time slot a minimum of 1 business day prior to the date you wish to attend.*

2020 has had quite a different look to it - so of course, our Town Pool structure will have a different look to it as well. Please bear with us as we all navigate this new normal. It is far from the format we'd prefer to offer, but provides the safest experience for our visitors given current circumstances.

This year, there will be no "Seasonal Pass" options. Instead, you will need to pre-book a specified time slot to visit the pools. Time slots can ONLY be booked online and must be done 24 hours ahead of time. Registration will close online automatically. Unfortunately, there will be no exceptions to this in order for us to accurately schedule aquatics staff.

Each time slot is $10 and covers up to four people from the same household for a one hour visit.
Please do not invite people from outside your household to your designated time slot. We know it is tempting to team up with a friend, however upon arrival at the pools, you will be assigned one 6' x 6' square for your family (up to four people) that will not allow for social distancing if someone is not in your immediate household. This space will serve as your family's "headquarters" when not social distancing in the water. Please help us abide by state regulations by only having household members in your square. Social distancing when outside of your designated "plot" will be required.

At the 45-minute mark of your time slot, the Head Guard at the pools will remind all visitors that the time block will end in 15 minutes. A prompt exit at the end of your time block is required to enable our staff to safely and adequately clean for the next time block.

Once booked, there is no refund/cancellation/transferring of time slot options. An announcement will be made prior to the date time slot reservations go live online for booking. All reservations will need to be done online using your MyRec account.

  • Can my family stay for more than one hour?
    - Yes. Families are welcome to purchase as many time blocks as they’d like. The fee is simply $10/hour for up to four people.
    - If more than one hour is purchased, your family can leave your belongings in your designated space during the sanitation period. However, all individuals must exit the pool facilities during the sanitation period.

  • Can I purchase a seasonal pass as I have in previous summers?
    - No. We are unable to offer a seasonal pass this year. We cannot guarantee that all families would receive the same amount of time blocks, due to the nature of the booking process. The value of the seasonal pass would have ultimately been different for each family based on the number of time slots they were able to reserve.

  • Why is the fee higher than previous summers?
    - The Walpole Public Pools (Center Pool, South Pool, and the Splash Pad) operate on user fees that are collected. These facilities are largely self-sufficient and very little is subsidized by tax appropriation.
    - While capacity has been reduced to 40% by State guidelines, our utilities, chemical, and supply costs remain the same.

  • Why does my family have to pre-register for a time block?
    - Selling reservations for specific time blocks allows us to control capacity. For contact tracing purposes required by the Health Department, this also enables us to identify exactly who was in attendance at the pools, in the event of an exposure to COVID-19.

  • What if my family is comprised of more than four people?
    - Each “plot” can comfortably seat four people during your reserved time block. If your family has more than four people, an additional plot can be purchased to accommodate the additional members. No more than four members will be permitted for each reservation.

  • Is changing allowed in the restrooms?
    - No. In accordance with State guidelines, changing in the restrooms is not allowed during Phase II. As is the case with many of our restrictions this year, as more information becomes available, we will reassess and adjust our pool rules accordingly.

  • Is social distancing required at the pools?
    - Yes. In accordance with State guidelines, social distancing of at least 6’ is required for all individuals outside of a household group and applies to deck areas, bathrooms, or wading areas. No one should congregate in the water or on the pool deck.

  • Are face masks required?
    - Yes. Face masks will be required when entering the pool facilities, using the restrooms, and in other circumstances that do not allow for social distancing.
    - Face masks are not to be worn while in the water.

  • Why is the final pool information different from the survey?
    - The survey was merely a data collection tool that was used to give guidance to the Recreation Department, the Recreation Committee, Town Administration and the Health Department, as a new format was established for the 2020 Swim Season. The information in the survey was never intended as a vehicle to inform the public on what the swim season was going to look like. The survey was a tool that was utilized in formulating a plan that financially allowed the department to operate the aquatics facilities, while safely adhering to State guidelines. As more information becomes available throughout the phased reopening of Massachusetts, the Recreation Department will make adjustments as needed.

  • 2020 Pool Rules
    Click here to read the 2020 Pool Rules.

    * Adjustments and discounts will be applied during checkout if applicable. *

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